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What Are The Ways Of Determining The Core Values For Your Business?

Strong values are the main roots for directing a particular business towards the correct path. While there are enterprises that establish their values upon making their business operational, others prefer to pick them up along the way. No matter what your technique is, it is generally crucial to establish your core values so that each and every player in the process will be guided accordingly of the standards that their supposed to live by in order to effectively contribute. The question is how are you just going to determine which core values would serve your business well?

Here are top three ways offered by a business coach that you can do to determine your business core values and be able to cultivate them within your company to achieve unity, optimal productivity and profitability.

  1. Your corporate values should be aligned with your personal values. You can do this by obeying the rule, “Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.” Treat your customers the way you want them to treat you or your business. Be responsible in doing your business by respecting your customers and keeping them safe at all times. Make sure that you meet your customers’ needs and you will surely be recommended by your customers to others. Remember, trust is something earned and cultivated.
  2. Be actively involved in making the world better by being socially responsible and incorporating eco-friendly policies. Advocate environmental-awareness. Go green in whatever means possible. Restructure your methods, if you have to, towards becoming more eco-responsible. For instance, encourage your customers to use ecology bags every time they go shopping or give some discounts to customers using their own cup when going to a coffee shop. Perhaps you have noticed that most companies supporting such great movement are at a greater advantage because their products and services are more patronised by people or consumers.
  3. Number three will involve your employees. Create a “can do” culture. Encouraging your employees consistently and supporting them to do their best in all aspects of their life and not just at work will boost their confidence and even create the so-called “it takes a village… ” movement. A movement where everyone has a recognised important role to play in order to powerfully achieve goals. Having such a culture will also allow people to strive beyond what they can and this can be very helpful in putting your business at a great advantage.

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London Business Hotels

With London’s global position as one of the most significant cities in the World in terms of business and industry, it’s very important that London has a good level of quality accommodations for the many corporate visitors who travel to the capital on business trips through the year. Particularly with the City of London still maintaining its position as the centre of World finance, there are an abundance of overseas and domestic visitors needing the comfort and facilities of first class hotels in the city.

Since the days of the 70s when perhaps the Park Lane Hilton was seen as the place to stay when on a business trip to London, all the major international hotels have build hotels aimed at the business traveler in the city, in fact most hotel chains have numerous properties throughout the capital (Hilton Hotels now number 34 in total including the airports and the London outskirts!). Holiday Inn, Accor Hotels, Marriott Hotels and Thistle Hotels but to name a few, all have business hotels through London with a high level of comfort and a large range of facilities aimed mainly at the corporate traveler. New players to the London market also boast very good business hotels – H10 for example and the Park Plaza Hotel chain have gone out of their way to provide rooms suited for business people – the Park Plaza Westminster, for example, is an all suite hotel featuring rooms with a small lounge and kitchenette in addition to a generous sized bedroom and fabulous location close to Westminster Bridge. Privately owned up market hotels are also designed with corporate in mind – the Cadogan Hotel near Harrods department store and the Ritz Hotel in London’s Piccadilly street both provide not just good facilities and first class quality but also a discerning service for the more upmarket level of clients associated with such grand business hotels.

Rooms in all these type of hotels have the typical facilities you would expect such as desks with office type chairs, minibars, full room service and satellite TV programmes with pay movies and en suite facilities with a full complement of complimentary toiletries, heated towel rail and power showers (or ‘rain’ showers). Internet connectivity generally via Wifi is also a must nowadays with more and more hotels finding themselves forced through competition (and negative comments from guests) to providing this service free of charge. The business hotels provide the guests with excellent dining facilities – generally a full English breakfast and a choice of restaurants within the hotel for dinner at surprisingly reasonable prices. After a busy days doing business in the city, sometimes a good rewarding drink is required and the hotels accommodate well with their welcoming cocktail bars which, particularly during the happy hour period from 5 – 7pm, can be the place to be if you’re in the right hotel!

8 Essentials For Starting And Building An Online Business Successfully

Domain Name – Any company’s online presence is validated by its website. Even if an individual wants to sell any of his services he needs a website or a platform through which he can meet his prospective customers. Owning a website will go a long way in earning credibility in the online world. People want to see some sort of proof before they start relying on you and spending money on the products you recommend. Therefore, it is in your best interest to invest some of your money into owning a website.

Proper Hosting Plan – The next hurdle to be crossed is to choose a proper hosting plan for your requirements. Most of the hosting providers give their customers more than what is required. But as a beginner you will have to decide upon whether to go with a single domain or a multiple domain hosting plan. A dedicated hosting is not required at this stage. The prices will vary significantly. But if you plan to extend your online presence and build your business by creating multiple sources, it is advisable to buy a multiple domain hosting plan. Your first domain will be hosted as your primary domain and the further ones which you add will be taken as add-on domains which function in a similar manner.

Basic Technical Skills – Online business requires every person to be familiar with some basic technical skills. Although you are not required to be a coder you should know some basic things like html and php. For the starters, it is sufficient to know how to alter a particular block of code to get the desired results. You need not write the code for tweaking your website. Some other aspects like handling the ftp programs and connecting them to your web hosting provider is required. You will also have to understand the structure of the files and folders in the remote server where your website is hosted. More importantly, the folder ‘public_html’ needs to be understood thoroughly with its features, advantages and disadvantages. Any file placed in this folder will be seen by the entire world. Therefore, you have to be careful as to what should and should not be seen by the world. On the other hand, anything placed outside this folder will not be seen.

Traffic Generation - The next thing is to generate traffic to your site so that you can monetize and earn money. To do this you will have to follow some basic traffic generation strategies and understand them properly so that you can get the most out of them. Some traffic sources are free of cost but require your time. Other sources require you to shell out some money but may help build customer base quickly and earn you money quickly. Depending on your budget you will have to develop a mix of these traffic sources.

Optimized Monetization - When your site starts getting a good flow of traffic you will have to monetize it and earn money. For this to work, you should have a monetization strategy set and working well before driving traffic to your site. You can place ads on your site or sell your own products. You may also send your visitors through a proper sales funnel by giving them some free stuff in the starting and selling them high-ticket items at the end. No matter what is the strategy, it should be set up beforehand and should be functioning properly.

Automation - Online business gives you the freedom to automate most of the processes. Although 100% automation is not beneficial as your business requires your intervention and monitoring occasionally, it is possible to automate most of the things which earlier ate away your precious time. You will have to build a strategy to automate your website which will earn you money on autopilot. You may either outsource most of the things or you may make use of some program to take care of your website. But automation should be a goal in the mind of every online business owner.

Ploughing-Back - When your website starts making you money it is crucial that you develop some ploughing-back strategy to use your profits optimally. Many online business owners who achieved early success have been known to lose all their money as they spent it without reinvesting in the business. Have a simple plan as to how much of that money which you earn online will be reinvested into the business to build its foundation. Further, you will also have enough financial backup to make use of paid sources and achieve quick results.

Expansion - Lastly, you will also have to think about how you are going to scale up your business into larger markets and capture greater number of leads. Developing plans of expansion along the way will reap great benefits when the time is right. Have an expansion plan in the back of your mind and set goals in reaching that level. When you reach the perfect period in your business where you no longer can remain limited to the present conditions it is time to implement that plan and reach higher levels in your business.